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We care. We also take care to provide authentic products that are not only enjoyable, but provide a better alternative to tobacco products.

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We Know Our Consumers

Traditionally, snuff or "dip" consumers prefer quality, great-tasting product that can be used regularly. We have developed a healthy substitute to tobacco, one with NO nicotine and free of carcinogens. Keep dipping with our cannabinoid-rich alternative, while reaping all the benefits of the hemp plant. Be on the lookout for new and seasonal flavors!

We Know What They Want

Users of our products want a variety of cuts, flavors, and styles. We all want a variety of products, period. A health conscious consumer looks for premium-grade hemp flower. Other imitators are often made with non-hemp materials, or are "sprinkled" with CBD. They simply can't compete with our quality, our principals, and our products.

100% American Made

Greene’s Reserve Hemp Snuff™ is made with premium hemp flower meticulously infused with a variety of delicious flavors for the optimal experience. We see simplicity as a strength. Completely grown and manufactured in the United States, Greene's Reserve is composed of premium quality, American-farmed hemp.

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Blog Posts
 Ocala hemp company signs as a vendor with NASCAR: Business news in Ocala/Marion
March 27, 2022

Ocala hemp company signs as a vendor with NASCAR: Business news in Ocala/Marion

Ocala-based Greene's Reserve, a company that creates a hemp alternative to tobacco, is the first hemp company in history to sign with NASCAR as a vendor.

Hemp Over Tobacco: Greene's Reserve Creates Massive Growth
May 4, 2021

Hemp Over Tobacco: Greene's Reserve Creates Massive Growth

"Meticulously infused with delicious flavor and moisture, our team has perfected our products to match a similar taste and mouthfeel of the traditional smokeless tobacco products," stated Jeff Greene, founder of Greene's Reserve.

Hemp sits at a crossroads for officials in Delmarva
February 26, 2021

Hemp sits at a crossroads for officials in Delmarva

Those who remain aren’t motivated by “get-rich-quick” dreams. Eighteen Delaware farmers raised hemp in 2019 and just seven did last year, he said.



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Greene’s Reserve hemp-derived hemp dip is a safe alternative to nicotine and tobacco snuff and dip. Different cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids work together to create an entourage effect serving as a safe and non-habit forming, herbal alternative. Our products contain CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDA, and more – read more on our education page. Our products also contain terpenes like cedrol, caryophyllene, limonene, and guaiol. Greene’s Reserve is here for all your chew, snuff, and dip needs. If you are looking for a holistic alternative made with natural ingredients, relax into your healthier habit with Greene’s Reserve today! 

The fast absorbing chemical composition with naturally derived flavors like natural, wintergreen, and menthol, with more flavors coming soon! Choose between long cut or fine cut, with our hemp dip pouches coming soon. Shop now at our store by clicking here.

Resolve to make the switch to Greene’s Reserve smokeless hemp dip, a nicotine and tobacco free alternative to regular tobacco snuff. Looking to quit tobacco in 2022? Quit tobacco and quit nicotine with Greene’s Reserve. Try the 30-day challenge today by switching out your regular smokeless snuff with Greene’s Reserve hemp dip and experience the difference for yourself. Become a hemp snuff affiliate with Greene's Reserve. Register at to earn $1 per can you sell. Fill out our contact form to talk to our sales team for more information!

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