Keep Dipping,
Go Greene.

100% American Made

Greene’s Reserve Hemp Snuff™ is made with premium hemp flower meticulously infused with a variety of delicious flavors for the optimal experience. We see simplicity as a strength. Completely grown and manufactured in the United States, Greene's Reserve is composed of premium quality, American-farmed hemp.

We Got The Good Snuff

Traditionally, snuff or "dip" consumers prefer quality, great-tasting product that can be used regularly. We have developed a healthy substitute to tobacco, one with NO nicotine and free of carcinogens. Keep dipping with our cannabinoid-rich alternative, while reaping all the benefits of the hemp plant. Be on the lookout for new and seasonal flavors!

We Know What You Want

You want a variety of cuts, flavors, and styles. We all want a variety of products, period. A health conscious consumer looks for premium-grade hemp flower. Other imitators are often made with non-hemp materials, or are "sprinkled" with CBD. They simply can't compete with our quality, our principals, and our products