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We care. We also take care to provide authentic products that are not only enjoyable, but provide a better alternative to tobacco products.

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Why Us

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We Know Our Consumers

Traditionally, snuff or "dip" consumers prefer quality, great-tasting product that can be used regularly. We have developed a healthy substitute to tobacco, one with NO nicotine and free of carcinogens. Keep dipping with our cannabinoid-rich alternative, while reaping all the benefits of the hemp plant. Be on the lookout for new and seasonal flavors!

We Know What They Want

Users of our products want a variety of cuts, flavors, and styles. We all want a variety of products, period. A health conscious consumer looks for premium-grade hemp flower. Other imitators are often made with non-hemp materials, or are "sprinkled" with CBD. They simply can't compete with our quality, our principals, and our products.

100% American Made

Greene’s Reserve Hemp Snuff™ is made with premium hemp flower meticulously infused with a variety of delicious flavors for the optimal experience. We see simplicity as a strength. Completely grown and manufactured in the United States, Greene's Reserve is composed of premium quality, American-farmed hemp.

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Five out of five stars
"If you want to beat your chemical addiction to nicotine without losing your oral fixation this for you!! Calming affect of the CBD/CBG combo should curb your nicotine fits without trouble. Great product!"
- Susan G.
Five out of five stars
I"’ve been chewing for 25-30 years now and didn’t think I would ever chew anything but Kodiak. Greene’s Reserve changed my mind! This stuff is awesome! So glad it’s available on Amazon now!"
- Brad A.
Five out of five stars
Virtually indistinguishable from the Skoal I’ve been dipping for 3 decades! If your wife has been on you to quit dipping like mine has, this just might be the answer. Hallelujah for hemp snuff!!!"
- Dallas R
Five out of five stars
"Bought this for my boyfriend who is a life long dipper. He absolutely loves it. He says feel, texture, and flavor are all outstanding, and he didn’t have any craving for the nicotine. We highly recommend this product."
- Jennifer T.
Five out of five stars
"Dipped for 20+ years. A great alternative. Smooth, good taste. Highly recommend to anyone trying to quit tobacco!!!
- Ted P.
Five out of five stars
"Loving the menthol flavor! A nice cut, juicy and it feels so great to know I can dip without having to worry about all the negative effects of tobacco and nicotine!
Can’t wait to try out the other flavors!"
- Paul R.
3 out of 5 stars
"Wintergreen Flavor...Consistency good. Flavor ok, too sweet IMO. Can't pack...A little dry. I really wanted to like this product, it is the closest consistency I've found to real long cut grizzly or skoal...I will try the Menthol version and hope for more flavor and moisture."

- Kevin G.
Five out of five stars
"I normally don’t write many reviews and I am not really into dipping but love to chew gum. A friend of mine told me to try this product out. It ended up being a good purchase. I love the wintergreen flavor and at same time benefit from the calming effects of CBD. So glad you guys are selling this on Amazon. I will definitely be purchasing this product again."

- Ralph D.
Five out of five stars
"Great alternative to traditional tobacco dip, but also has helped greatly with my chronic back pain. I was skeptical of the medicinal uses of CBD at first, but this product has made me a believer. Does not make me drowsy like the gummy's do, and has worked wonders for my back. Highly recommend."

- Amazon Customer
Five out of five stars
"Greene’s Reserves is one of the finest dips I’ve tried. True long cut texture and the same delicious wintergreen taste/scent that I’ve found across other brands. My favorite aspect is that it doesn’t have that same slimy texture you find in big tobacco brands from the added chemicals. Just contains what’s on the label. And being made in American makes it even better to me! If you see a ring of hope on my back pocket, this will be inside."

- Amazon Customer
Five out of five stars
"Great Product, Great Company."
- Amazon Customer
Five out of five stars
"Great flavor and taste without the tobacco or nicotine."
- G.R.
Five out of five stars
"As a consumer of snuff for many years, this is a game changer. I quit tobacco snuff in one day. Tastes great and long-lasting flavor"
- Paul H.
Five out of five stars
"I bought for a friend as a novel present....he loved it!"
- Maven
Five out of five stars
"Great product with a flavor profile remarkably similar to leading tobacco competitors. Slight notes of hemp complete the experience, "scratching the itch" that inhalation products provide."
- Jonathan
Five out of five stars
"Great Snuff!"
- Eric & Brooke
Five out of five stars
"Great hemp snuff that tastes close to tobacco chew without having any addicting or harmful ingredients! I will definitely be ordering again!"
- Joseph T.
Five out of five stars
"Just got my 2 cans of Menthol blew my mind I use to dip grizzly dark for years but not thanks to Greene's I'm tobacco free ill be buying this dip for a long time ty Greene's Reserve🤘"
- Chris
Four out of five stars
"First off the look and smell when I opened the can had my mouth watering already. The spitting of little pieces as I use my tongue to smooth it out in my check feels just like the real thing. Definitely hits the spot and eases my cravings. Has just a bit of burn in the gums that I like and I like the flavor. I got both wintergreen and menthol but this review is on the wintergreen. So after taking a nice big pinch the only downside was the dryness. But I will say after being in my lip for a bit that goes away. The initial flavor was great but after sitting a bit falls flat. Just my thoughts but the only thing that holds this back from 5 stars is the flavor. The initial smell and taste is fine but in the mouth I need much more burn and flavor. Just boost the flavor a bit and this is amazing. As for others I have tried, this is the best. Seriously, the smell, texture, the initial taste, really feels like the real stuff and stopped my cravings. This will be my new go to long cut, and I love it."

- Eric
Five out of five stars
"The pack and consistency seems good. It’s dry at first but gets juicy. It was what I was looking for to kick the habit."
- Bonna B.

Greene’s Reserve hemp-derived hemp dip is a safe alternative to nicotine and tobacco snuff and dip. Different cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids work together to create an entourage effect serving as a safe and non-habit forming, herbal alternative. Our products contain CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDA, and more – read more on our education page. Our products also contain terpenes like cedrol, caryophyllene, limonene, and guaiol. Greene’s Reserve is here for all your chew, snuff, and dip needs. If you are looking for a holistic alternative made with natural ingredients, relax into your healthier habit with Greene’s Reserve today! 

The fast absorbing chemical composition with naturally derived flavors like natural, wintergreen, and menthol, with more flavors coming soon! Choose between long cut or fine cut, with our hemp dip pouches coming soon. Shop now at our store by clicking here.

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