We care. We also take care to provide authentic products that are not only enjoyable, but provide a better alternative to tobacco products. Switch it up with us. 
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For decades, smokeless tobacco users have searched for an alternative to the nicotine and carcinogen-laced tobacco plant. Many attempts have been made, but none can match the texture, flavor, and overall mouthfeel of the products created by Greene’s Reserve. Our Hemp Snuff, used as a substitute for tobacco, has zero nicotine or carcinogens. It does, however, contain the soothing and natural compounds found in full spectrum hemp flower. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable avenue to leave the unhealthy, cancer-promoting tobacco plant in the past. It’s time for a change, and tobacco users can now switch to a healthful and enjoyable alternative- without having to stop dipping.

In order to fulfill that goal, we have created a culture of compliance with a GMP certified manufacturing facility, a world-class QR code and UPC system, proprietary manufacturing process, strict third-party testing procedures, and more. Our products are among the cleanest, most tested, most consistent on the market today. Greene’s Reserve was created from a team of like-minded individuals seeking to provide enjoyable products to replace harmful tobacco and nicotine routines. Based in Florida, the Greene’s Reserve team takes pride in the products that we create, and the people that we serve. Ultimately, we seek to shift the routines and mindsets of people toward a healthier, happier lifestyle. Formed by a team of Hemp and CBD experts, legal analysts, and consumers, Greene’s Reserve consists of the perfect people to provide you with compliant, quality items that are truly unique in the hemp and CBD space.

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education page. Our products also contain terpenes like cedrol, caryophyllene, limonene, and guaiol. Greene’s Reserve is here for all your chew, snuff, and dip needs. If you are looking for a holistic alternative made with natural ingredients, relax into your healthier habit with Greene’s Reserve today! 

The fast absorbing chemical composition with naturally derived flavors like natural, wintergreen, and menthol, with more flavors coming soon! Choose between long cut or fine cut, with our hemp dip pouches coming soon. Shop now at our store by clicking here.

Resolve to make the switch to Greene’s Reserve smokeless hemp dip, a nicotine and tobacco free alternative to regular tobacco snuff. Looking to quit tobacco in 2022? Quit tobacco and quit nicotine with Greene’s Reserve. Try the 30-day challenge today by switching out your regular smokeless snuff with Greene’s Reserve hemp dip and experience the difference for yourself. Become a hemp snuff affiliate with Greene's Reserve. Register at https://af.uppromote.com/greenesreserve/register to earn $1 per can you sell. Fill out our contact form to talk to our sales team for more information!

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Greene’s Reserve hemp-derived hemp dip is a safe alternative to nicotine and tobacco snuff and dip. Different cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids work together to create an entourage effect serving as a safe and non-habit forming, herbal alternative. Our products contain CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDA, and more – read more on our

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