New Bill Means New Things for Florida Hemp Industry

While it may seem like the world has come to a grinding halt amidst the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, that is not entirely the case. Americans are still at work and trying to maintain their every day lives as best they can.

Packing – The Real China Issue for Hemp

With patent infringement, product knock offs and government subsidized manufacturing, there is no shortage of reasons to see China as a major issue to American commerce.

The BiPolarity of Cannabis in Florida Hemp & Medical Cannabis

For those of you new to Florida or new to cannabis, your underlying belief would probably be that when you are discussing a new crop, federally legal if grown a specific way with a specific group of genetics and a federally illegal crop, with mandatory verticality, that those were two different naturally grown plants.

Thinking Outside the Box with Hemp

The hemp industry is seemingly just getting started, as the elders in the industry have less than ten years of experience, and black-market experience usually relating better to growers than manufacturers.

Black Market Marijuana Users Beware

For those of you thinking I am talking about law enforcement. Wrong! …your friendly neighborhood drug dealer is having to come up with new business plans on how to make money.