Heather Allman In Conversation with Jeff Greene

Mainstream madness is probably over-exaggerated, with social media and legacy traditional media preventing promotion, CBD manufacturers have largely succeeded based on word of mouth advertising.

Hemp: Where Do We Go From Here?

The Florida economy has ground to a halt, except food and basic necessities. These exceptions include hemp. With a small dip in retail initially, Florida’s determination that hemp was a food and therefore essential was a boon for business.

New Bill Means New Things for Florida Hemp Industry

While it may seem like the world has come to a grinding halt amidst the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, that is not entirely the case. Americans are still at work and trying to maintain their every day lives as best they can.

Packing – The Real China Issue for Hemp

With patent infringement, product knock offs and government subsidized manufacturing, there is no shortage of reasons to see China as a major issue to American commerce.