Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does this contain nicotine or tobacco?

No. Greene’s Reserve hemp snuff contains NO tobacco, nicotine, or any known carcinogens that are present in your favorite smokeless tobacco counterpart.

2. Will these products cause me to fail a drug test for THC?

We are currently conducting clinical trials to definitively answer this question with certainty, albeit a highly unlikely probability. Our most precise lab analysis shows that many of our products contain non-detectible amounts of THC from a liquid chromatographer with parts-per-billion sensitivity. Our highest lab test has shown 0.04% THC- equivalent to the amount of THC found in varieties of wild lettuce. Read more about cannabinoid education HERE.

3.  Can this help me get off of tobacco/nicotine?

Possibly. Greene’s Reserve was formulated with the goal of creating a hemp-based alternative to tobacco, and we have succeeded in making dip that tastes and feels exactly like your favorite tobacco counterpart. Along with the highly-touted benefits of the hemp plant, our snuff allows for a clean and green way to dip. We are also in the process of conducting clinical trials to statistically show the efficacy of tobacco cessation.

4. What's in it?

Water, Ground Premium Hemp Flower, Glycerin, and Flavoring. That’s it – we believe in harnessing the qualities of the hemp plant to the utmost potential while embracing the simplicity that nature provides.

5. Are these products tested by a laboratory?

Yes. All products are tested by a third-party accredited laboratory. To see all of our lab reports (Certificates of Analysis), click HERE.
Long Cut Natural Hemp Snuff