Whether you have been taking CBD for a day or a year, chances are you may have never heard the term isolate and distillate. In simple terms, when a molecule such as CBD has gone through the distillation process and then through a chromatography machine then each molecule has been isolated. However, due to the anecdotal information about an “entourage effect” meaning the effect of multiple cannabinoids working better than isolate, many companies have chosen to use distillate.

The other confusing element to this topic is that there can be full spectrum distillate, with all available cannabinoids and T-Free Distillate whereby presumably all of the delta-9 THC and THCa has been removed.

The risk of products using distillate is that due to the unknowns of the plant and science, THC can show up even in a T-Free distillate if small portions of THCa remained and somehow were decarboxylated, also known as heated.

Realizing that this entire article can be very confusing, the simple reason for this article was to recommend to anyone that is uncomfortable having THC in their system, due to drug tests or any other reason – you should use only products made from isolate.

If there is any doubt you should be able to contact your supplier and they should be able to tell you or join the Florida Hemp Council and we can help.